Refineries, the main artery of the economy

Conformance of international standards in the design of refinery equipment is one of the honors of Rasa sanat (knowledge base) Co

Oil, Gas and petrochemical Industries, as outrider in investments

RASA SANAT Engineering Co. Provider of newest worldwide technology

Steel industries are the main focus of the activities of Rasa Sanat Engineering Company

History of design and engineering of steel equipment in the previous three decades

Updated knowledge and comprehensive experience in Steel Industries

Mastery of all steel production processes

All Steel Industries needs to

In thinking and creativity of RASA SANAT Co. (knowledge base) experts.

Rasa sanat engineering company, as a well-known experienced company in the field of design and manufacture of industrial equipments relying on expert, elite and talented forces, by having high executive power and using modern science and technology, has been trying to use all their facilities in order to provide services to industries of the country, specially steel, cement , mine and petrolieum industries.

Accuracy, reliability and performance, have been the head line of the company. For more customers` trust in providing qualified services, safety and environmentally friendly products, standards (ISO 14001 –ISO 9001 –OHSAS 18001 ) have been taken.


We offer the best services worldwide.



Get full range of premium Industrial services for your business


All these years, our different services have delivered long lasting innovation

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Scrap Baler Press

CCM - R6

Optimization of Chlorination Units

Optimization of Chlorination Units